All our products in the pre-order collection are 5% cheaper without the need for a discount code! (Please check shipping dates displayed in the product heading)


If you see this icon on an order it is a Pre-Order...

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is a product that is shipped at a later date where you can save 5% for not needing your order instantly, without the need for a discount code.

When will I get my pre-order?

Please check date displayed in the product heading.

What if I have products that are in stock as well as pre-order items in my order, can they be shipped separately?

In stock items will be shipped with the pre-order stock and cannot be shipped earlier unless you pay a second shipment fee. That said, talk to your account manager or email as it may be discounted.

You can also talk to us about this on LIVE CHAT