How fillers can refresh and strengthen your lips, cheeks and temples

Re-volumising the face can work wonders to restore a bit of youthful softness. This is where facial fillers come in.

If you hear talk of people having ‘liquid facelifts’, it will be facial fillers (which are technically gels, rather than liquids) that are doing the lifting. I’m a big fan of what can be done with fillers.

‘Patients tend to be scared of fillers as they are frightened of looking too puffy or overfilled,

‘Also, they don’t understand the new concept of strategic multiple syringe filling, which helps to generate lift, not “puff”, in the face.

‘People still see celebrities who look weird and overdone and, therefore, they just don’t believe treatments can look natural.

‘However, once they see our before and after case study pictures, they understand what we are doing and how we achieve natural results.’

There’s no need to feel scared about treatments as long as you choose the right kind of products and have the work done by an experienced, super-competent practitioner.

Not just someone who knows technically how to use the stuff, but someone who can work with it like an artist.

This means re-sculpting your face to add the softness, volume and structure it needs, so that afterwards you just look like yourself — only fresher.

How fillers can refresh your face

Under the eyes 

Eyes bags and the hollows under the eyes, known as the ‘tear trough’ can often be helped by filler, but only if they are the right sort of tear troughs and eye bags — and that takes an expert to assess.

So choosing a top practitioner is really key here.

Nose to mouth lines

You can have these lines injected to soften their appearance, but most nurses and doctors prefer to soften the look of your face by adding filler to the upper parts of your cheeks. This will lift the skin up your face a little and reduce these lines as if by magic.


The nose is the area where fillers can have the quickest and most rewarding effects. Why? Because they can disguise a bump on the bridge of the nose or lift the tip of a droopy or hooked nose. You’d think it couldn’t be done — but if you look at the before and after photos on the social media feeds of people who do this often


Filler can have several uses when it comes to lips. You could have their shape defined, increase volume, or simply add below-the-skin hydration without making them any larger. More so than with other areas of the face, discuss this carefully with your practitioner, to ensure you understand and agree with what they are planning.

Marionette lines

Injecting filler into the vertical lines that run down from the sides of the mouth towards the chin softens their appearance and takes away the grumpy look they can give to a face.


Careful placement of filler can strengthen a weak chin and reduce the puckering of slackening skin that starts in middle age.


Defining the corner of the jaw with a touch of filler adds an instant youthful look. For men, using filler to make the jaw look stronger and more masculine is particularly popular.


The fat pads in your cheeks shrink as you get older, and adding filler to restore this lost volume is one of the first and most obvious things to do to soften an ageing face. A skilful practitioner will carefully assess just where to inject filler to enhance your looks. You might need it in the mid-face, under the apples of your cheeks (or where they used to be) or a little higher up and further out towards the edges of your face, to restore the shape of your cheekbones.


You scarcely notice — until it is pointed out to you — but your temples, at the sides of your head just above the level of your eyebrows, begin to hollow with age. Adding filler here softens this and has a happy knock-on side-effect of lifting the tail of the eyebrow, which helps to open up the eye area nicely.

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