Uma Jeunesse® Cell Regenerating Essence (1x1ml)

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Uma Jeunesse Cell Regenerating Essence contains stem cell derived growth factors. This product can be used in combination with micro-poration methods like derma-roller or simply on its own. Skin penetration of growth factors is speeded up by micro-poration. Ideal derma-roller needle size is 0.25 mm. Skin cells are renewed and new collagen synthesis results.

The product box contains freeze dried stem cell growth factors as well as a bio trans-dermal lotion. The user can combine the two, just before use. After micro-poration, with derma-roller, Uma Jeunesse Stem Cell Essence can be applied on the facial skin using the dropper. The remaining contents of the bottle can be given to the patient for application every night until it runs out.

Results are amazing. The more wrinkled and aged the skin, the more dramatic the outcome


  • Reduces lines and wrinkles
  • Revitalises skin
  • Visibly improves condition and complexion of the skin


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