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What are 'Pre-Orders?'

Pre-orders are discounted items shipped on the advertised estimated shipping date. Please note the word 'estimated' as it may ship a few days earlier (or later) than the advertised date.

Please note, Pre-order products are not in stock.

If your order includes in stock items, then the whole shipment will be dispatched on the estimated pre-order date.

I want my order shipping sooner!

That’s fine, products can be ordered online that don’t include the ‘pre-order’ description and are shipped within 5 working days.

What if I want the order shipping even sooner than 5 working days?

That is possible, we can see if we can attach your order to a sooner date, but this would be subject to a £25 / $32.68 Fast Track fee and would need to be organised with an LSF account manager (this can achieved via our live chat online or by emailing your account manager directly). You order will also increase in value as your pre-order discount would no longer be applied.

What if I didn’t notice the pre-order date displayed online and want to cancel the order?

No problem, we can cancel your order which is subject to a £25 / $32.68 cancellation fee (admin fee).

If the order has already been prepared for shipping then your order cannot be cancelled as it is under the sale item category where orders can’t be cancelled.

Any card disputes would be rebuttled, and this page would be forwarded to our payment gateway Worldpay who are aware of our pre-order policy.