LSF Dermal Fillers welcome Celebrity Bronze™ to their ever-growing beauty brand portfolio. Live Monday 12th October

Origin Media Group’s LSF Dermal Fillers welcome Celebrity Bronze to their ever-growing beauty brand portfolio. Live Monday 12th October via

Celebrity Bronze, Vegan Tan, Teen Tan founder Nick Hemming has recently joined forces with Origin Media Group who underpin LSF Dermal Fillers, Ad Global, Amazebrush and power the Olympia Beauty Online Store brand. 

The much loved and established Celebrity Bronze™ product has recently extended its brand to address the needs of the vegan and teen marketplace with Vegan Tan and Teen Tan respectively. Nick contacted old friend of the beauty trade circuit Origin Media director Glynn Sherwood to help drive his products to a wider audience. 

“I was really excited by what I’d witnessed with the dramatic growth of LSF Dermal Fillers since Origin Media joined forces with its founder back in November. Watching a business grow through a pandemic with an industry on its knees was something to be excited about. Without a potentially enormous expense in tech, creative, sales team and distribution logistics I felt what Origin Media had on offer made a lot more sense”

Nick already had an agreement in place to launch a training academy in Tamworth with Ellen Yates so everything was largely in place.

“We’re very excited to be the first of hopefully many regional training academies with Nick and the team at Origin Media Group. We love the Celebrity Bronze brand and can’t wait to start our courses in October” says training centre director Ellen Yates

Training is available to anyone who wants to learn the art of spray tanning. The Celebrity Bronze course costs only £99 with a variety of starter packs to take away at the end of the half day. 

“I believe Nick and Ellen will do great things together powered by the Origin Media Group brand. With our tech, creative and distribution team alongside potent routes to market through our channel network, soon everyone will know about Celebrity BronzeVegan Tan and Teen Tan ” Says Origin Media director Glynn Sherwood.

(from top left to bottom right Origin Media Group director Scott Marson, Celebrity BronzeVegan Tan, Teen Tan  founder Nick Hemming, Origin Media Group director Glynn Sherwood, Training manager Nikki Powell, Miss UK Katie Marie and Training Academy director Ellen Yates)


Course dates: 19th October (AM/PM), 26th October (AM/PM), 2nd November (AM/PM), 9th November (AM/PM), 16th November (AM/PM), 30th November (AM/PM), 7th December. 14th December (AM/PM).

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